Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Spring!

So much for springing forward for daylight savings! Winter is back in full force! This is what I got to come home to Monday night. 20 inches of new snow!!! (well that's what the news said that Hyrum got but I'm thinking it's more than that) Luckily, my dad had cleared me a path so I could at least get my car in the garage. Then I pulled out the snow blower and shovel and got to work! Not fun being husband-less when the snow falls but I can't really complain Clay has been home for every other big snow storm and I haven't had to do much shoveling. So after a couple of hours, wet hair and frozen fingers and toes it was done! Gotta love spring in Cache Valley!

Pepper running up the path to the backyard. She tried venturing off the path but would disappear under the snow! Too funny!

This is our picnic table on the back deck, completely buried with snow! I didn't even attempt shoveling the deck, sorry babe!