Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Another Camping Weekend

Our 2nd camping trip was much better in the weather department, in fact it was H-O-T!!! We had so much fun! Rode to Old Ephriam's grave on the 4-wheelers, made delicious meals, took naps, enjoyed the sunshine, colored and most importantly, relaxed! I could be here every weekend!!!
Pepper and Clay chillin in the shade.

The Rinderknecht's on the 4-Wheeler

Keesha and Kenzlie coloring, a camping tradition.
Jeremie basking in the sunshine! :)
Jensyn napping in the playpen with the bug net.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hyrum Parade

This was the first year that I haven't had my kids for the 4th of July parade, I missed them so much! Luckily these cuties were there!
Hadley & Kohler


Hadley & Kenzlie

Awesome military! So honored!

My dad, the Hyrum City Fire Chief!

Yea grandpa!!

Hyrum City float
Hyde Park City float, this was my very favorite, so cute!!MCHS
And Visionary Homes, my work peeps!

I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe 4th of July! One of my most favorite times of the year! So proud and blessed to live in the United States!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Kohler is ONE!!

My little buddy Kohler turned ONE on June 25th! We gave him his present the day before his b-day which was on Keesha's birthday and I didn't even get any pictures of her! Probably cause I took all the pictures of her with her camera and not my own. Sorry Keesh! Kohler is such a cute little guy and he is so much fun to have around! I can't believe your are already one! He has just started walking on his own and it is the cutest thing ever! He blows kisses, says "hi" and waves bye to me every morning. He also does this pointing thing that his dad taught him when you say "you the man". Love this kid!!! Happy Birthday Kohler and Keesha!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Book Worm

This summer Conner has finished reading the Cirque Du Freak series, that's 12 books people! I am so proud of him and I'm so glad that he has enjoyed reading to pass the time. It's one of my favorite things to do and wish I had more time to do it. He would read a book a week and then ask if I would buy him the next book. Luckily I got weekly coupons from Borders so it made it more affordable. I got these pictures of him one evening while he was reading, I love it!! Keep up the good work Conner!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cookie Cutters

Courtney went with her cousin Hadley to get a hair cut at Cookie Cutters and ever since, she has been begging for me to take her too! I caved and let her cut several inches of her beautiful hair off!! Yikes! It was pretty fun, she got to watch a movie while they cut her hair, they styled her hair, sprayed it with glitter, got a balloon and a cookie cutter. She was so excited and happy! And as it turns out she is still a beautiful girl! She is so much fun to pamper and take for stuff like this! Happy Times! :0)

Wait!!!! Oh no! Yikes!!!! CHOP!!



Friday, August 13, 2010

Clay's Happy Birthday

Nearly two months late posting this! Had to share some quick photos of Clay's birthday. We celebrated a day after his actual birthday so that the kids could be there. We had my family over for cake and ice cream and opened presents. He had just got off work, but he made it in time to party! :) I hope you had a great day! Love ya babe!
Grill basket for shrimp out on the grill!

A cute shirt! ;)

Weed eater from mom and dad.

German Chocolate Cake, yuck! Just kidding, it's just not my favorite!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

1st Camping Trip

The first camping trip of 2010 was a cold, rainy, miserable one. We didn't get to ride the wheelers and we spent most of the time in the trailer, except to cook. It was still nice to get away and relax! A much needed weekend!
Our home away from home! And with a new water heater! (long story there)
Yummy breakfast!
Hey there handsome!
The scenery, I love this place! No where else I'd rather be!
Guard Dog
Jensyn modeling his winter wear!

Peony Photoshoot

I've been such a blog slacker!! I'm going to try to do a little catch up, so for starters I wanted to share my usual traditional photos of my peonys in bloom! They were a little slow this year because of the cold spring but once they decided to bloom it was a beautiful sight!! I LOVE these flowers and I'm so glad that I get to enjoy them each year. I just wish they lasted a little longer!