Thursday, August 18, 2011

Angry Birds Birthday

I can't believe it! I officially have a TEENAGER!!! Conner turned thirteen on August 1st and we celebrated on the 2nd with an Angry Birds party. Since I have always done something special for Courtney, I thought I had better do it for Conner as well. It was so much fun browsing the internet for ideas to go along with the Angry Birds theme. Instead of a cake I made rainbow cupcakes and decorated them with different treats to make them look like the birds...

And I found these cute patterns that you tape to balloons...
Finally got to use my balloon wreath I made back in March...Grandma & Grandpa gave Conner new coveralls for work.
And Breck & Ryan took the liberty of getting him razors and shave cream, so embarrassed! ;)Being silly ;)
The highlight of the party was when he opened this box to find a girls t-shirt with Justin Beiber on the front of it. LOL. We had to pull his chain a bit since he loves JB soooooo much! NOT!!!
Once he looked under the JB shirt he found a tackle box and a fishing license! It was worth it!And a new fishing pole!!And last but not least.... A NEW LAPTOP OF HIS VERY OWN!He has been saving his money and he put $250 towards it and Clay and I covered the rest! So proud of him!Happy Birthday Con Man! 13 short years ago you were just a pup!! You have grown into such a handsome young man and I'm so happy to be your mom!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fancy Toes!

I don't exactly have the best looking feet in the world but I had to share this pedicure that I gave myself. I was reading a blog and one of the girls shared a new product from Sally Hansen. So the next time I was at Walmart I found them. Kinda pricy ($8.50) but they have several different designs. Basically they are stickers that you put on your nails, then trim and file away the excess sticker. Pretty easy and you don't have to wait for them to dry. I did put a clear coat on top just to make them last a little longer. Mine are supposed to look like lace, do they? Sure we will say that they do! LOL

Friday, August 5, 2011

Tractor Boy

A couple of weeks ago, I watched Kohler and Hadley while Breck was teaching Zumba. We kept Kohler entertained the ENTIRE time by playing with Conner's tractors. He lined them all up on my kitchen table and was perfectly content! I couldn't resist taking a few pictures! He was definately in tractor heaven. :)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Mr. Beef

This spring Conner decided that he wanted to purchase a calf. He had saved all of his money that he had earned working at the dairy farm and paid for his calf. He lovingly named him Mr. Beef. Once Mr. Beef was old enough he was moved to my dad's pasture which is only about 2 blocks from our house. Conner was on cloud 9! He makes SEVERAL trips each day to check on and feed Mr. Beef. I am so proud of Conner for taking on this huge responsibility. He never forgets about Mr. Beef and has been so good about taking care of him. He doesn't complain and enjoys his new pet!
C-P (Conner Petersen, aka: Mr. Beef)