Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Christmas Tradition

Every year it's a tradition to spend a Saturday in Layton doing our Christmas shopping. My mom, sisters and aunt are always there and this year we had an added bonus! Clay came with us! He was our chauffeur and hauled us all down south. Honestly, Clay is the best shopping company and we had a blast!!! I remembered my camera this year but it was on the fritz so I apologize for the poor quality photos but I think you will get the point.
Our first stop on the way was at Maddox Drive In for some lunch. Quite orgasmic, if you ask Breck! ;) She is our entertainment every year and has earned the nickname "Tour Guide Barbie". It definately wouldn't be the same without her!
Breck & Keesha having lunch in the car! Mmmmmm
Modeling in front of Tai PanWhen we came out of Tai Pan we saw this sweet muscle car, had to take a quick photo. Breck posed in front of it but my pictures were all blurry.Never a dull moment with Breck around! Had to take advantage of the toys at the mall! Biker Babe!!
Breck and Clay throwing a ball back and forth in Target.Looks like we made a haul!! Seriously always have a wonderful time with my awesome family! Can't wait till next year! ;)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Gingerbread Houses

I decided to start a new tradition and let Courtney decorate a gingerbread house. I cheated and bought a pre-made kit and wrapped it up for her as a surprise. She was pretty excited and begged me the rest of the week to put together. So finally we had Kenzlie over and they both decorated their houses (well, they did for a few minutes and then Keesha and I finished them) I should have known that's how it was going to go. Oh well, the girls had fun anyway and that's what it's all about. We just might continue this tradition. :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


About three months ago our Pepper had to have some surgery. She had a tumor in one of her nipples and had to have it removed and also was spayed. The vet said if we didn't have her spayed she had a greater chance of having another tumor return. She did really well and I was relieved to have it taken care of. Within a week or so she was pretty much back to normal. Then once the weather turned cold I noticed she was moving a little slower than usual and had figured that it was due to the cold and recovering from the surgery. Unfortunately, there must have been more going on than we knew about because she passed away on Tuesday, December 6th. It was so sad to have to tell the kids and it has effected me more than I realized. I came to depend on her just being there to protect me and keep me company when I was alone. There is definatley a huge void in our family since losing her. Pepper was a very loyal, well mannered dog and even when she escaped from the yard she never left our property. She just sat on the porch and waited for me to come home. Silly girl. Sure, Pepper has been a VERY expensive dog, (chewed up lawn mower bags, chewed up 4 wheeler controls and grips, numerous dog beds, gloves, shoes and other random items) I love her. ;) She always loved us unconditionally and minded really well. I really miss my snow shoveling buddy. Rest in peace sweet girl. We love you!