Monday, April 20, 2009

Our Easter

For Easter this year I was able to spend some time with the kids, which I was so grateful for. My sisters and I did an egg hunt around Grandma & Grandpa's yard, which was so much fun. We hid Conner's eggs a lot harder than the younger ones and he really struggled looking for them. It took him forever to find them all! We might have to take it easy on him next year. He was determined to find them "BY HIMSELF!!"

Fun hiding places!! :)

Courtney's Eggs
Conner's Eggs
Courtney's Easter basket from Grandma
Conner's Easter basket from Grandma

Conner and his new book.
Courtney's new "Fancy Nancy" book that we have read a million times already.
I even get a Easter basket! Thanks MOM!!
After dinner and the egg hunt I came up with this little bunny hat craft (thanks to GTU). The kids had fun putting them together and it was sooooo easy. I pre-cut all of the paper plates out before hand so all they had to do is glue all the parts on. They all had fun being crafty with me!
Courtney's bunny hat
Then, the Friday before Easter, Courtney and I went on a mommy/daughter date and saw the new Hannah Montana movie. We both LOVED it! And the Easter bunny brought her the soundtrack for the movie. Needless to say, we have been jamming to Miley Cyrus ever since.