Friday, November 21, 2008

In Loving Memory

I want to take a moment and dedicate this post to my sweet ex-Father-in-law, Derrall Courtney Petersen. He passed away early Tuesday morning. Derrall had been suffering from pancreatic cancer and is now free from pain. I may not still be a part of the Petersen family but I will always treasure the wonderful memories that I have of him. He was the sweetest, most loving, kind, generous and hardworking man. Derrall always knew how to make you smile and was so appreciative of the simple things. He loved to spoil his family. Each year he would send his wife, Karen and all of the daughters-in-law on a trip so we could all be together and have fun. We traveled to Northern California, Seattle, Denver, Park City, Las Vegas and Victoria, British Columbia. Even though Derrall didn't go with us, he made sure that we all had a great time and were taken care of. On one occasion, he and Karen had arranged to have us all picked up at the airport in a limo and to top it off he had emerald rings made for each of us! In 2005, Derrall and Karen celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in Palm Springs where they would spend the winters, with all four of their sons and spouses. I will never forget the little things that he would say like "I've got to run out to the Tooley's to check the wheat." The Tooley's was his beloved dry farm in Hansel Valley. And each time we would travel south on I-15 he would always point out the "interesting geological formations" on the mountains near Ogden. Derrall had studied Geology and educated us all on the things that he knew. He would take my children on his knee and bounce them and sing little songs to them. He loved playing his harmonica for the kids and could capture their attention with the first note. I remember him calling Conner his "goodest boy" when he was younger and I treasure the day that my precious daughter was born a few days after his birthday and was given the name Courtney, his middle name. He always shrugged off the fact that we chose her name because of him, but I know he was proud to have his name carried on with his fourth grand-daughter. I hope that he knew how much I love and admire him and appreciated the time that I was able to spend with him. Derrall leaves behind a lasting legacy of wonderful people who will miss him and who will always carry his memory with them. I am so grateful for the opportunity to know such a wonderful man. And my children are so lucky to call him grandpa. I know he is smiling, and he's looking down on them and watching over them. Even though we are all sad because of his passing and with tears streaming down my face as I type this, I know he is in a better place and we will see him again. This brings me comfort and peace.
Conner & Grandpa 2002

Courtney's "Birth"day, Feb. 11, 2003
Derrall & Karen on Courtney's blessing day.
Thanksgiving 2003
Watching the Mountain Crest Homecoming Parade 2003

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Christmas Countdown

This last weekend I attended my sweet friend Ginger's crop that she had at the Crystal Inn in Logan. It was so nice to have some dedicated scrapbook time to work on a project and enjoy time with my sister Keesha and my friend Joni. Courtney even joined us and was able to stay up until midnight. What a trooper? This was my project that I started Friday night and then finished on Sunday. It's an advent calendar made out of a 24 cup muffin pan. Each day you pull off a square and find a treat or an activity or scripture under each day. It was so fun to put together and I'm glad to say that I actually completed it! I have to give my cute friend Stacie credit for the advent calendar, she made one like this a few weeks ago and got the idea from her! Thanks Stacie!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

I Love Rose Hill Dairy

Last month I signed up to have our milk delivered from Rose Hill Dairy. It was one of the best things I've ever done. It is so nice to eliminate the trips to the grocery store to get a gallon of milk and buying way more than just the milk. I look forward to my Friday morning delivery of fresh milk. And last week I had them deliver eggs, butter and sour cream. That is just a small sampling of the list of things that you can have them bring. Orange juice, bread, cheese, Weeks freezer jam, cottage cheese, cream, buttermilk, eggnog and many more items. I must admit I am not a milk drinker at all, in fact I hate milk, heck if they would deliver Diet Coke I'd sign up for that too!! It's just a convienant thing for a working mom who doesn't have time to go to the store. I highly recommend Rose Hill Dairy to anyone who has ever considered it! Check them out at

Monday, November 10, 2008

It's a Sad Day in Hyrum :(

Last Wednesday the demolition crew tore down the "Old Red Church" on the corner of 200 West and Main in Hyrum. I have had a really hard time digesting the fact that my church is gone and in it's place is a pile of rubble. This is the church house that I was blessed in and where I went as a little girl. I have vivid memories of being a Sunbeam in one of the upstairs classrooms making snowflakes with Sister Crookston. I remember sitting in the primary room as my mom (serving as the primary president at the time) did spotlights on all of the primary kids, the chapel where my sisters and I sang "Faith" and "Where Love is" at my older brothers farewell and welcome home. This is also the church house where both of my children were blessed. This building was full of unique characteristics and had a charm that will never be replaced. I realize that it was expensive to maintain and that it wasn't handicap accessible but it really breaks my heart to know that it is gone. Hyrum will not be the same without this impressive landmark and nothing will ever be able to replace it. I have a couple of the bricks that I will cherish as a memento.
After...... :(
So much for my photo shoot location. :( I am so glad that I got these priceless pictures while the building was still standing.
Conner - 10 years old
Courtney - 5 years old
Kenzlie - 2 years old

Our Weekend Adventure

Nothing like a 4-Wheeler ride in November! I don't think I've ever went on a ride this late in the year, but it was soooo much fun!! We rode up above Hardware Ranch through mud and snow and I've decided I'd rather ride in snow than the dust! It was quite chilly but the views with the snow on the mountains was breathtaking!

Our muddy rides!
Elise & Clay
Jaycen & Misty

Friday, November 7, 2008

Clark W. Griswold

Ok it's getting closer to Christmas and my dear, sweet, loving husband is a Christmas fanatic!!! And that is putting it mildly! Clark has already hung all the lights around the house and I do mean COMPLETELY around the house. The back side of the house has lights too! I guess the people who live in the apartments behind us and the horses like it. We just as well spread the cheer! Anyway, this is the addition to the outside decorating for this year..... The Reindeer Stable! OMG it's HUGE!!! And I won't even mention how much the freakin thing cost!!! We had to inflate it in the garage the other night cause Clark couldn't wait to see what it looked like. It about filled the whole garage! I don't know where we are going to set the dang thing up outside because I don't think our front yard is big enough, besides the fact that we have inflatable snowman from last year as well. We might have to rent the neighbor's yard to set this monster up! I'm sure there will be a surge in the electricity on our block once we light the place up! Too funny! I love you Sparky!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween 2008

Pumpkin Pizza from Papa Murphy's Carving Pumpkins

"Slash" (the guitarist from Guns N Roses) aka: Conner

My sweet little witch Courtney

Hadley the kitty and Kenzlie the witch.
Hadley, Courtney, Conner and Kenzlie