Friday, December 19, 2008

I Think I Need A Bandaid

This is what happened to me Monday night. One more thing to add to my list that I really didn't have time for. But who actually plans to be in an accident???? Luckily it wasn't my fault so I guess that's a good thing. It just put a damper on my already lacking Christmas cheer. I have damage from the very back bumper all along the passenger side to the front bumper and the front passenger door won't shut tight so when I am driving I can hear and feel the cold air coming inside!!! And the pictures show how dirty my car is but I can't wash it or water will get in as well. My car gets repaired on Monday....Merry Christmas to me! Grrrrrrr!!!!!!!


Richelle Dean said...

Friend, friend, friend....I think we need another dinner meeting. Don't you think? What's up with the Christmas cheer this year?! I love you...keep smiling. will all be better!

DuRee Family said...

horray for garages!

Ange said...

Holy cow!!!! I didn't even know that this happened... lol! Craziness! I'm glad it wasn't your fault though!