Thursday, October 29, 2009

Miley Cyrus

In September my best friend Joni and I took our daughters to see the Miley Cyrus concert in Salt Lake at the Energy Solutions Arena. We stopped and had dinner on the way down at Maddox and then hit the road, singing to Miley all the way. We had so much fun and Courtney LOVED seeing her favorite singer! I was very impressed with the concert and Miley's performace seeing as she was sick with the flu! She came out and sang a couple songs and then disappeared from the stage because she wasn't feeling well. Luckily she came back and was able to finish the concert and did an amazing job! There is no way I could have sang and danced and be hung in the air on a motorcycle entertaining thousands of people while having the flu. It was so sweet, about halfway through the concerts Courtney hugged me and said, "Thank you mommy, this is the best day ever! I love you so much!!" That comment made it all worth while!
Of course we had to get some souveiners from the concert, t-shirt, bag, program and flashlight, which cost a small fortune. Today Courtney wore her t-shirt to school and was so excited to show all of her friends. So I had to snap some pictures before we left this morning. What a cutie! This girl is so much fun and I'm so glad she is mine!! Love you Zoey!!


scrapper said...

yep yep a seriously fun night to "party in the USA"!! Love Ya!

Breck said...

I wish I would of took Had! That would be somthing she would have always remembered.