Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More Camping...

Just some random pictures of one of our camping trips this last summer.
Conner, Presley, Courtney and Tallen
We had corn on the cob for dinner and decided this was a redneck corn cob. :)

Clay and his buddy Jensyn (aka: Bert)

Jensyn thought he was pretty cool riding Graysen's bike.

Clay and Pepper in the trailer....grrrrr!!! No dogs in my trailer!!
The girls making bracelets...

One injury this particular weekend. The kids were playing on the ramp of Grandpa's enclosed trailer and Hadley stepped on a HUGE sliver and had to go to Instacare to have it cut out. Ouchie!!!

Hadley's sliver
The kids will spend hours playing in the gravel! Good thing they have shovels and buckets.
Lots of 4 wheeler rides given by Conner. What a stud?
Kenzlie and Graysen, ahhh, look they're holding hands. So sweet!

Kohler snacking on a Cheeto.

Fishing with sticks... hummmmm?? Conner said they were fishing for halibut, good luck bud!

Another great weekend with family and friends! So glad the Voth's and Nielsen's were able to join us!!! I'm already wishing it was summer again...

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Gingersnaps said...

Me too, that was SO fun!! Longing for camping next year already :)