Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Christmas Eve 2010

Christmas Eve will always consist of mom's yummy homemade chili and rolls for dinner, watching Christmas Vacaction and opening pj's from Grandma and Grandpa! I love this tradition! This year she made Courtney, Hadley and Kenzlie matching pj's that were absolutely adorable! Courtney was SOOO excited, she looks forward to them each year. And it's so special that they are hand made by grandma.

Grandma found these matching monkey slippers!! Too stinking cute!

Conner's pj pants! Thumbs up! Your so cute bud!

The triplets modeling their new pj's and slippers. ;)

And a book from mom! I totally spaced taking a pic of Conner with his new "Diary of a Whimpy Kid" book. What a slacker mom?? Sorry Conner!
I remember reading this book when I was about Courtney's age, had to share one of MY favorites with her. Love Ramona books!

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