Friday, July 29, 2011

My Weekend in Review...

Quick disclaimer: I was bored this weekend and that triggered the lame picture taking and the following post. :) And sometimes it's good to post about my accomplishments, no matter how minor.
I have always hated how our ever growing collection of DVD's had been stored in the past (stacked at least 3 deep in the entertainment center, some in our bedroom, some in the kids' bedrooms). Now they are ALL in one place and get this.... Alphabetized! I spent Friday and Saturday night putting together the new shelves and organizing all of the DVD's. I originally bought one bookshelf for BOOKS but that changed to DVD's and a few books.
Saturday was my usual routine, dropped the kids of to their dad at noon :(, Clay was home so he took me to Cafe Sabor for lunch/dinner and then we did some shopping in Logan. Clay is seriously so much fun to shop with, whether it's wandering around Walmart or where ever he is quite entertaining. I love this man!!!
Unfortunately, Clay had to leave Sunday morning so after he was gone I put these products to work and got the house all cleaned and smelling good!!! Now if that's not a HUGE accomplishment I don't know what is! ;)Monday was a little different for me, I have never got the day off for the 24th of July before. I was home and ALONE. No kids, no husband. If I don't stay busy, I go crazy and get really bummed out so I kept busy from the moment my eyes opened in the morning. First thing I went out and took a spin around the house a few times on this....
Then decided that this needed a bath and her insides cleaned up a bit! Love my ride!!
Then got a knock at the door and this fun packaged was delievered! MADE MY DAY!
Put these two machines to work pretty much ALL weeekend long!
Made my way to my favorite place and finished up a scrapbook page! WHAT??? Did I just say a scrapbook page?? It's been a long time, needless to say! But I'm back!
Ahhhh, my sweet baby girl! Did I mention she's EIGHT??? I miss having a baby! (Sometimes)
And last but not least, my mommy stopped by Monday night and thought I should shake the dust off these puppies! LOL I love walks with my mom! Thanks for the motivation! It hurt, but it was good pain! I've missed this!So there you have it! I know I'm weird! Forgive me. It's me.


Jalane said...

Your not wierd-sounds normal and fun to me :) At least you got alot done!!

Gingersnaps said...

Wow! yOu rocked it! And what exactly is that little package that was delivered? I want one, lol :)

Keesha said...

I totally think you should have a RE-PLAY of your weekend this weekend at my house. (except with my dvds, house, car, lawn, laundry, etc.)What a great idea huh!