Thursday, August 18, 2011

Angry Birds Birthday

I can't believe it! I officially have a TEENAGER!!! Conner turned thirteen on August 1st and we celebrated on the 2nd with an Angry Birds party. Since I have always done something special for Courtney, I thought I had better do it for Conner as well. It was so much fun browsing the internet for ideas to go along with the Angry Birds theme. Instead of a cake I made rainbow cupcakes and decorated them with different treats to make them look like the birds...

And I found these cute patterns that you tape to balloons...
Finally got to use my balloon wreath I made back in March...Grandma & Grandpa gave Conner new coveralls for work.
And Breck & Ryan took the liberty of getting him razors and shave cream, so embarrassed! ;)Being silly ;)
The highlight of the party was when he opened this box to find a girls t-shirt with Justin Beiber on the front of it. LOL. We had to pull his chain a bit since he loves JB soooooo much! NOT!!!
Once he looked under the JB shirt he found a tackle box and a fishing license! It was worth it!And a new fishing pole!!And last but not least.... A NEW LAPTOP OF HIS VERY OWN!He has been saving his money and he put $250 towards it and Clay and I covered the rest! So proud of him!Happy Birthday Con Man! 13 short years ago you were just a pup!! You have grown into such a handsome young man and I'm so happy to be your mom!

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