Thursday, September 29, 2011


This summer we made a few camping trips and although I took my camera each and every time, it only got pulled out and used the last time we went. Ugh! I need to do better and take more pictures. I look forward to our weekends away spending time with family and relaxing. It's a ton of work to get ready to go but so worth it! And the best is being with the kiddos and this handsome devil!
Maysa modeled several rather stylish sunglasses...And Courtney had to join in on the modeling. What a goober?Getting ready to go for a ride to Ephraim's Grave.Nice dust mask bud!Sorry Yensy, you didn't get to go with us but cool helmet anyway!Keesha captured this adorable smile while we were on our ride.On our way back we got POURED on!!! We were all drenched, COLD and filthy! Quick showers for everyone! Quite an adventure! But, wouldn't trade it for anything!

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