Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Adventures of Melvin the Elf

This holiday season we have been lucky enough to have visits from one of Santa's special elves each morning.  Melvin has been pretty mischievous so far and it's so exciting to wake up each morning and see what his latest adventure is.  Hopefully when he sees Santa each night he is giving a good report.....
The first night Melvin thought it would be funny to draw on the pictures of the kids that hang in the hallway...

 Then he toilet papered the living room!!!
 He looks pretty innocent doesn't he???
 Making copies of himself on the printer.
 Melvin got a little crafty and made himself a paper countdown chain and has been patiently counting down and waiting for the kids to come home.  Wonder what he will be up to tonight?????  Tune in to see what our little Melvin is up to next.

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