Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Family Reunion 2013

I was in charge of the Johnson Family Reunion this year.  I reserved the entire campground at the Hyrum City Power Plant and we had a really good turnout.  I love spending time with family!  The Johnson's never disappoint and we ALWAYS have a fantastic time.  Sitting around the fire sharing memories is by far my favorite!  This year I arranged to have Lilly with us and I'm so glad she was there.  It was also so nice to have both of my kiddos there for the entire weekend as well.
 Courtney & Lilly
 Our camp spot
 I had put together a little Photo Booth with all kinds of props for everyone to use and take pictures.  It was a lot of fun and I was able to capture some fun pics with everyone.

 We had our traditional pot luck dinner and I provided French dip sandwiches and rolls.  Pretty awesome spread!

 Candy jar/misc. guessing game
 Love these too!!

 Tables of raffle items!  So much fun!
Even though this post is nearly a year late, I'm so grateful for everyone's support at the reunion!  Not everything went as I had planned as there was rain and a power outage.  But we had a wonderful time and I can't wait till the next reunion which is only a little over 3 weeks away!  Can't wait!!

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