Monday, August 11, 2008

Much to Blog About!

Clay had his doctor appointment last Wednesday and we finally got some good news! Dr. Howard said that his retina looks great and it's working the way that it's supposed to!! The only thing that he was concerned about was that there is some blood in his eye, which explains why what little vision Clay has, has a yellow tint to it and he sees some black spots. The doctor thinks that once the blood goes away everything should be fine. But if it doesn't, then they will have to drain the fluid from his eye and insert an air bubble that will last a couple of weeks. We go back again next week so I'm hoping by then it will be gone and Clay will have regained more of his vision and then be back to normal! I took a picture of him a couple of weeks ago because the gas bubble made the iris look green! It was a little freaky!!! This picture makes me laugh because his eyelid has been really lazy since the surgery so he had to open his eye with his fingers so I could take a picture! :) He even went back to work Sunday afternoon, one month to the day of when all of the eye issues started. It's nice to have things a little back to normal but I'm not liking getting used to him being gone again. I've really enjoyed having him home! I'm Clay-sick already!
Last Thursday we went to my work summer party, we all had a great time visiting had a great dinner and the kids got to play in the pool....until a lovely rain storm crashed the party. It was so nice to have Clay home so that he could be there with us!Then Sunday we celebrated my Aunt Sheryl and Uncle Dave's 50th Wedding Anniversary! We had a delicious pot luck dinner and I so enjoyed spending their special day with them. I am so impressed by their huge accomplishment! There aren't many people that make it to such an incredible milestone! Congratulations!
I've been a little creative lately and made new stickers for our mailbox! I cut them out of vinyl with my Cricut and thought that it turned out pretty good. Better than a boring sticker you buy at the store.


Gingersnaps said...

I love your mailbox, it looks so "Elise Stylish" Way cute!

Ange said...

I saw your new mailbox yesterday... Rees' new preschool is on the same street as your house! :)

DuRee Family said...

cute mailbox! you are pretty creative!