Monday, August 4, 2008

Hot Fun in the Bear Lake Sun!!

This past Saturday we enjoyed a fun relaxing day at Bear Lake with my family! My mom, dad and my sister Keesha took their trailers up and stayed both Friday and Saturday night. We originally had reservations too, but since all of the lovely craziness with Clay and his eye surgery we decided it would be best to cancel our reservation, mainly because we thought that he would be back to work by then and would not be able to go, but.... he hasn't regained his eyesight yet and so he is still trying to recover at home. I'm glad that he still was able to be there with me and the kids and my family but I wish he was back to his normal spunky self. He's really frustrated and irritated that he hasn't been able to see yet. Luckily he goes back to the doctor tomorrow and I am soooooo hoping that we get some good news. Anyway... Bear Lake was wonderful! We spent most of the day lounging by and in the lake. The weather was absolutely perfect, not to hot and the water was also the perfect temperature! Conner, Courtney, Hadley and Kenzlie played and had so much fun and Uncle Ryan built an awesome sand castle! After our day at the beach we celebrated Conner's birthday where he got spoiled rotten with clothes (which he was SO excited about... NOT!), toy snakes (one of his latest obsessions) and my mom gave him a woodburning kit (I can't wait to try that out)! After the party we enjoyed a delicious dinner and then Courtney and I went back to the water before we had to head home. We had such a wonderful time together!
Conner with one of his many birthday presents!
Cute Courtney enjoying the sun!
Conner playing on the beach!
The start of Uncle Ryan's sand castle! Wish I would have got a pic of the finished product! It was huge!
Conner's birthday cakes made with love by mom! :)

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Lacy Ann :) said...

ELISE ELISE ELISE!!!!!! YAYAYAYAYA I miss you too! I'm so glad you have a blog so I can stalk you!! I miss you. We should for sure do lunch. How's life??