Monday, July 6, 2009

Toothless Smile

She's toothless! Court finally lost one of her front teeth. I honestly thought it would be the other tooth first, even though I'm sure it's not to far behind. Now those big, awkward big permanent front teeth are going to be here before we know it! Poor thing! It takes them forever to grow into those big things! I had to get some photos of her beautiful toothless smile! :) Luckily, as always, Courtney is very cooperative!!


DuRee Family said...

haha I love it! is she getting money from the tooth fairy?

Glenn said...

How long before she developed her permanent teeth, Elise? Some of them must be coming out right now! Wait, did she give that first lost tooth to the tooth fairy back then? How much did she get in return?

Glenn Koehm