Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Courtney Meets Kohler

Last night, I took Courtney up to meet her new little cousin Kohler. She loves him so much!!! She held him so carefully and enjoyed holding him in her arms. She couldn't get enough of him! It was so sweet! And an added bonus I finally got to see Kohler with his eyes open!!! He is such a cutie!!


The Jolleys said...

He is an absolute doll! I would love to just take him home! I bet Courtney is just loving this! A new baby, then Keesha's will be here shortly! Congratulations Auntie!!!!

Jalane said...

He is so precious! There is nothing better than a new baby! I think he looks like Ryan! I cant wait to meet him myself.

shandikimille said...

I love the pictures! you are going to be so glad you have them when he looks totally different in a couple of weeks!