Saturday, August 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Con-Air!!

My sweet boy is 11 today!!! Happy Birthday Son!!! Wow!!! ELEVEN!! It makes me feel so old! I am so proud of you! We have our moments, of course, as we all do, but overall you are such a smart, handsome, talented, well-mannered boy! Thank you for always making me smile, for your spontaneous hugs and "I love you's" and for being such a great big brother! I thought I would list all of your interests and infactuations right now so I'll always remember:

Swine Flu
Hand Sanitizer
Taking care of Pepper
Hot Fudge Sundae Pop Tarts
Watering the lawn
Destroy, Build, Destroy
The Othersiders
Hates having his haircut
Riding the Mini Trail/Go Cart/4 wheeler
Bike Riding
Cell phones
I love you mountain to mountain, sky to ground!!! I'm so glad that you are my son! Thank you for making me the happiest mom in the world!

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