Saturday, December 19, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree... MOO!!

Another year of the cow tree, I never get sick of pulling out all of my cow ornaments to put on the tree. It makes me unique!! Right??? I added three new cows this year. So much fun to collect! Can I just say that pre-lit trees are definately the way to go! One of my smartest purchases from last year. Anyway, here is the tree! Mooey Christmas to you! :0)

My tree skirt that my mom made for me several years ago. It just goes with the theme perfectly! Where else would I find a black tree skirt??


shandikimille said...

Very cute! I love the last cow

christy said...

I'm glad to see someone gets into decorating the tree as much as I do!!

sweetvictorya said...

You would love the store here in Arizona (Jerome) called Mooey Christmas and Udder things ( It's all Christmas all the time, not all cows, just the same concept. I don't work for the store and I've been there only once.