Monday, December 28, 2009

Things I Love About Christmas

-New pj's and books on Christmas Eve
-Shopping early in the morning the day after Thanksgiving
-Decorating the tree
-Clark, putting the lights in the yard and on the house
-Hot chocolate and apple cinnamon toast on Christmas morning
-Wrapping presents
-Last minute shopping
-Neighbor gifts
-Teaching my children about the true meaning of Christmas and not to be selfish
-Shopping in Layton/Riverdale with my mom, sisters and aunt
-Work Christmas parties
-Being creative, making homemade gifts
-The smell of pine
-Stocking stuffers
-Diet Coke (I had to throw that in there!)
-Courtney's Chrismas list
-Shoveling snow
-Making everyone unwrap presents one at a time
-National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
-Chili and hot rolls on Christmas Eve
-Cow ornaments
-The Christmas radio station
-Seeing family and friends
-Taking pictures
-Family traditions
-Receiving Chrismas cards in the mail
-Leaving the Christmas lights on all night on Christmas Eve
-When my vacuum explodes two days before Christmas :(
-Putting the gifts away
-Taking down the tree and decorations
-My cute neighbors homemade caramel popcorn
-Cleaning out closets
-The kids having a break from school
-Telling the kids that if they aren't good, Santa can come back and take everything back just as easy as he brought it
-Knowing my Bear Lake getaway is getting closer
-Making Candy Cane cupcakes
-The kids asking where Santa is on Christmas Eve


Gingersnaps said...

I would have to say that most of my list would be similar, except cleaning closets, i think it's hell, i been cleaning 1 closet all day! Yikes, little boys tuck things in the darndest places!

shandikimille said...

Ha ha you crack me up with your diet coke!