Friday, September 24, 2010

My Personal Gardener

This summer, Conner has taken up the hobby of gardening. He had me plant 3 tomato plants on the side of the house. Unfortunately, we have only seen one, tiny tomato but, I think we planted them WAY too late in the season. Next year I will have to make sure we start much earlier. He has watered, fertilized and tended to his dear tomato plants and has enjoyed the process of watching them grow. I wish I had his desire for gardening, yard work and the like are not my favorite. I'd much rather be inside cleaning. Once that tomato had turned red he picked it and I made bacon & tomato sandwiches so he could eat the reward. I am so proud of you Conner! Keep up the good work! Next year we will do better.

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HomemadeMother said...

Its wonderful that you are encouraging your children to interact with nature in such an interactive manner. Next year he'll probably have more tomatoes than you know what to do with!