Thursday, February 24, 2011

Farm Boy

Conner has been working for Paul Parker's Dairy Farm for several months. Every day after school he goes and helps feed and milk the cows. He looks forward to going to "work" everyday and has learned so much about earning money and being responsible. It has been so good for his self confidence and I am so proud of him. He pays attention more to how much things cost and really wants to purchase a cow of his own. He has saved over $200, which is pretty impressive for a 12 year old. I hope that you continue this great work ethic and enjoy every moment!!
I snapped these photos one day as he was coming out of the "Milk House"
What a handsome young man?? Love you sweet boy!

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Margaret said...

How exciting to have such a hard workin the age of 12! Way to go Conner!