Monday, November 10, 2008

It's a Sad Day in Hyrum :(

Last Wednesday the demolition crew tore down the "Old Red Church" on the corner of 200 West and Main in Hyrum. I have had a really hard time digesting the fact that my church is gone and in it's place is a pile of rubble. This is the church house that I was blessed in and where I went as a little girl. I have vivid memories of being a Sunbeam in one of the upstairs classrooms making snowflakes with Sister Crookston. I remember sitting in the primary room as my mom (serving as the primary president at the time) did spotlights on all of the primary kids, the chapel where my sisters and I sang "Faith" and "Where Love is" at my older brothers farewell and welcome home. This is also the church house where both of my children were blessed. This building was full of unique characteristics and had a charm that will never be replaced. I realize that it was expensive to maintain and that it wasn't handicap accessible but it really breaks my heart to know that it is gone. Hyrum will not be the same without this impressive landmark and nothing will ever be able to replace it. I have a couple of the bricks that I will cherish as a memento.
After...... :(
So much for my photo shoot location. :( I am so glad that I got these priceless pictures while the building was still standing.
Conner - 10 years old
Courtney - 5 years old
Kenzlie - 2 years old


The Jolleys said...

That is really horrible that they tore the church down! I can't believe that. I am glad that you have bricks and some pictures to remember it by!

christy said...

I am sad too. There are really unique things about that builing that you ever experience anywhere else. For example, whenever I was in that building alone, the broiler always banged, making scary noises and of course I was terrified! All of kids were blessed in that building too! Can I tag your pictures from this blog or does it not work on this site?

christy said...

I stole your church pictures! Is that a sin? LOL

DuRee Family said...

at least you got some pictures of it before! now you can look at it whenever you want to! and you have the adorable ones of your kids there too!

Ange said...

I'm sad about it and I never even set foot inside of it. It's just such a beautiful old building. Nothing they build on that corner will replace that building - nothing! :(