Friday, November 7, 2008

Clark W. Griswold

Ok it's getting closer to Christmas and my dear, sweet, loving husband is a Christmas fanatic!!! And that is putting it mildly! Clark has already hung all the lights around the house and I do mean COMPLETELY around the house. The back side of the house has lights too! I guess the people who live in the apartments behind us and the horses like it. We just as well spread the cheer! Anyway, this is the addition to the outside decorating for this year..... The Reindeer Stable! OMG it's HUGE!!! And I won't even mention how much the freakin thing cost!!! We had to inflate it in the garage the other night cause Clark couldn't wait to see what it looked like. It about filled the whole garage! I don't know where we are going to set the dang thing up outside because I don't think our front yard is big enough, besides the fact that we have inflatable snowman from last year as well. We might have to rent the neighbor's yard to set this monster up! I'm sure there will be a surge in the electricity on our block once we light the place up! Too funny! I love you Sparky!!!


Keesha said...

Dear Clark & Ellen-
My little two year old found your reindeer stable "so cute & sparkley." We are very interseted if you need to rent some ground to house your HUGE stable for the holidays. (Sorry but I don't think your neighbors Todd & Margo would be interested) You really should look for the add-on addition of the missing reindeer. Rusty & Audrey would be so proud to have all nine reindeer in the front yard. And just think when when Catherine & Eddie pull up in their RV for Christmas little Rocky & Ruby Sue would be so impressed.
P.S. Mr. Shirley must have given Clark a large bonus this year to pay for the sable. $$$

christy said...

Hey Clark is a great name for Clay. We love that movie and next time we are in Hyrum we will try to look at the lights on the back of your house as well as the front. I would love to see pictures of your family room-did you already blog something about it?