Thursday, June 25, 2009

Courtney & Hadley's Dance Recital

May 20th was Courtney and Hadley's Dance Recital and both girls did so well!! Courtney has turned out to be quite the little dancer! She loves performing for everyone and even received an award for 100% attendance. I am so proud of her!! I'm also very grateful for a very patient and talented dance teacher who does such a great job teaching the art of dance. Thank you Angie!!!

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The Jolleys said...

Those are the cutest little dancers in the world! I loved being in dance when I was a kid! Who are they taking lessons from? Are you thinking of letting Courtney compete if they offer that? That was one of my most memorable moments when I was in dance. I loved traveling and showing what I learned to a group of judges. It was super fun. Great job girls!