Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"Hooked" on Fishing

It took a week of begging, to get me to cave and let Conner go fishing at Wellsville Dam "by himself". He had worked hard all week getting some missing assignments in to get a better grade in one of his classes. This boy lives for fishing!! Fly fishing, ice fishing, it doesn't matter as long as it involves fishing he is a happy camper. He studies everything that has to do with it. I love that when he finds something that interests him, he digs in and consumes himself with it. Now if I could get him to do the same with his school work, the kid would be a genius!!! LOL Anyway, not quite an hour after he had got there he called to say "somehow he had got a fly (I think he specifically named the fly) stuck in his finger and it was going to need attention". YIKES!!! Luckily, he had met a guy there that was a Youth Fly Fishing Coach and was bringing him to my mom's so I could take him to the doctor. Super, super nice guy!!! Conner was so excited to have met this man and considers him his new friend. :) Needless to say, we spent our Friday night at Instacare and unfortunately having to wait nearly 2 hours to see the doctor was the worst part.
Getting his vitals...
Waiting for the doctor to come in the room...Ouchie!!!!!The doc deadened his finger and then used some sort of string and pulled the hook right out. It took about a half a second. I didn't watch cause I have a weak stomach for stuff like this. Conner was a trooper and relieved to have it out!After this adventure, Conner had to suffer through a haircut... another part of the deal!
Love you bud!! ;)

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