Tuesday, July 22, 2008

American Idol, Surgery and Summer fun!

On the 15th a bunch of the girls that I work with took our kids to The American Idol concert at the E Center in Salt Lake. We had such an incredible time! Conner is a HUGE fan of Brooke White and cried alligator tears when she got voted off. We have downloaded all of her songs from I Tunes and listen to them quite often. Of course we are also David Archaleta fans as well! How could we not be, being from Utah? Everyone had a fantastic time even if Courtney fell asleep while the two David's sang! It was hilarious!!!

Then on the 16th we had a follow-up appointment in Layton with the doctor that did Clay's eye surgery on the 11th and 12th. The doctor told us that although the procedure that he did the previous week had worked, the retina had now detached on the bottom of his eye. Which meant major surgery the next day at St. Mark's Hospital in Salt Lake. So, we headed back down the next morning where they performed surgery on Clay's eye. The first surgery that they did in the doctors office was called a Pneumatic Retinopexy where they injected a gas bubble into the vitreous space inside the eye enabling the gas bubble to push the retinal tear back against the wall of the eye and close the tear. Then, they used a laser to secure the retina to the eye wall around the retinal tear. The procedure that they performed at the hospital is called a Vitrectomy, where the vitreous gel is removed which is pulling on the retina. Then the vitreous is replaced with a gas bubble, which filled 100% of his eye. Your body's own fluids will gradually replace this gas bubble, but the vitreous gel does not return. Luckily the procedure was outpatient so we were able to go home the same day but.... now Clay has to be positioned face down as much as possible. So that led to purchasing a massage table, because I couldn't find anyone who rents them. Unfortunatley, laying that way puts too much pressure on his eye and it puts him in a lot of pain. He tries to lay on it as much as possible but now his back and his neck are really giving him trouble. We had another appointment with a doctor in Logan today and he said that he has developed a cataract from the surgery but that everything looks great! He didn't seem to concerned because supposedly the cataract will eventually go away. It was really nice to have some positive news for a change!

Tonight Courtney decided she wanted to jump on the trampoline with the sprinkler under it! She had so much fun!

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