Friday, July 18, 2008


I was tagged by my sister, Keesha to tell 10 things about myself that you might not know about me!

1) I can't get in bed at night if the bed hasn't been made. (I usually always make the bed in the morning, but sometimes I run out of time.) Even if I'm going to bed, I will make it before I lay down.

2) I don't really like fruit. I will maybe eat an apple, watermelon or sometimes an orange and I have started liking strawberries. But other than that, I can't stand anything else. Yucky!!!

3) I love Diet Coke! I drink it with every meal, even breakfast! I will have one on my nightstand before bed and can still sleep without a problem. Sweet nectar from the Gods! :)

4) I hate yardwork! I would rather clean my whole house top to bottom than do anything in the yard. I have been forced to mow the lawn, only because I don't have a choice. If I didn't do it, I would have a forest! And I guess it's not all that bad, I have a huge yard and a nice riding lawnmower. I am severly allergic to grass so I end up with itchy eyes and a awful runny nose. But, I'll try not to complain.

5) I have a couple nicknames, my brother always called me Ellie May when I was younger and my dad calls me Weezy.

6) I have a little hole next to my right ear. It's kind of weird but I love it. My Grandpa Johnson had one too, so I figure since I never knew him, it's a little kiss from him!

7) I passed out when I got my third hole in my left ear pierced. I have passed out while I've been getting my nails done and if I kneel on my knees.

8) I'm slightly OCD. We'll that's what Clay says anyway. I will admit I'm a neat freak. I love to clean and organize! I don't go to bed at night until everything is straightened up and in it's place and when I load the dishwasher I put all of the silverware grouped together so that it's easier to put away. I even organized the same color plates and cups together. And it's very, very rare that there is ever a dish in my sink. I load the dishes in the dishwasher immediately after they are dirty!

9) At night I bathe my kids and fix Courtney's hair before she goes to bed. It makes the morning go so much smoother because all I have to do is straighten the stragglies and curl the ends of her hair. I also set out my kids' clothes the night before, which also helps the morning craziness!

10) I have started couponing. I'm not a diehard but I have learned so much from my friends and have saved soooo much money. And the bigger bonus is..... it's a lot of fun! Clay calls me Coupon Connie, and I'm proud of it!!! My pantry is stocked up and running out of room, but we are using everything that I have bought so I know it's worth it. I'm not sure if the paper boy likes delivering my five issues of the Sunday paper though. Oh well!

I tag Stacie and Lindsey!

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Keesha Rinderknecht said...

Nice work Connie! I will trade my housework for your yard work... how does that sound?