Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Effects of a Bee Sting

A few weeks ago, my visiting teachers were at my house. I had sent Conner, Courtney and Michael (one of the neighbor kids) outside to play. The kids had been in and out and were having a great time. The next thing I know all three of them come running through the front door screaming and crying. Each one of them was hysterical and I couldn't understand what they were saying because they were so terribly upset. I finally figured out that they had been attacked by bees! Courtney was freaking out holding her shirt away from her stomach. When I lifted her shirt to see if she had been stung, there was a bee under her shirt stinging the heck out of her little tummy. She had welts all over and I couldn't get the bee to unattach itself from her shirt. I finally got it out and then the darn thing immediately flies in her hair and is trying to bury itself in her hair to get to her scalp to sting her again! Kristie (my visiting teacher) tried to help me get it out by holding the strand of her hair that the bee was on. Luckily, between the two of us we got the bee out and I immediately smashed the thing. Poor Courtney was completly frantic!! Then I realize that Michael has been stung 3 times and has a bee in his shirt as well! We manage to get that bee off of him and it flies into my window. Allison hurries and shut my blinds to trap the wild beast (which I kill later)! Michael had been stung on his ear, his back and his stomach. I run and get some pennies and tape them to all of their stings. (I got an email a while back that says that if you tape a penny to a bee sting, the copper in the penny takes away the sting and makes the hurt go away, and it really works!!!!) I get those two calmed down and hear Conner totally freaking out in his bedroom, crying and screaming in intense pain! I run down to his room and find him holding his shorts away from the inside of his thigh and he is telling me it hurts. I help him take off his shorts and shirt and realize that another dang bee has flown up his shorts and stung him on the inside his thigh!!!! I manage to get that bee destroyed and get a penny taped on Conner. Luckily neither one of my kids have had any allergic reactions to a sting! Kristie and Allison are probably thinking that I live in a zoo, with all of the craziness going on! I wonder if they will ever come back?
The main point to this post is that this happened almost a month ago and to this day, Courtney is scared to death to go outside for fear that another bee will attack her. My very girly daughter who has insisted that she wears skirts and dresses everyday now is excited to wear pants and no longer wants to wear a skirt. (I never thought that day would ever happen.) When we went camping a couple of weeks ago, I had to beg/drag her out of the trailer and she asked me the other day if I would write her a note so she doesn't have to go outside for recess. And when I can get her outside she holds her shirt tight against her body so nothing will fly up there. The kid has become completly paranoid of bees! Now she has nightmares all the time about bees getting her. I really don't blame her for being so scared, those bees were mean!! Hopefully, someday she will outgrow her fear and she will be brave enough to be outside! I try telling her that it's too cold for the bees now, but then she will spot another one and it starts all over again. I guess that is just one of the many joys of motherhood!

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DuRee Family said...

oh my, that doesn't sound fun at all. were they bees or wasps? wasps will sting you over and over again! that's terrible, very traumatic for kids!