Friday, October 3, 2008

The Most Random Tag EVER!!

Here are the rules:




Take these pictures right now!!!

My Favorite Shoes!

I've never really had a shoe fetish and I do have my favorite comfortable everyday shoes but hands down, my favorite would have to be my slippers!

My Bathroom

My Kitchen
My Bedroom
My Favorite Room
My Scrapbook room is by far my favorite room in my house. Clay finished it for me a little over a year ago, hung the drywall, textured, painted the walls, stained the floor, hung my cabinets and installed my countertops. I spend as much time in here as possible and try to be a little creative! :) I have a little undermount flatscreen tv/radio so it doesn't get too quiet, but if you read from my interview with my kids they like spending as much time in here as I do! There are a couple finishing touches that still need to be done, like the baseboards and a couple repairs to the countertops but that doen't matter, I love it!! Thank you Clay!!!

My Kitchen Sink
Ok so I'll admit I cleaned my sink, but there are NEVER any dishes in it! I always keep the dishes loaded in the dishwasher and if I have to hand wash anything I dry it and put it away immediately. More of the OCD tendencies! :)
My Fridge
My Laundry Room
Very small, one of the things I wish I could change in my house, you walk in from the garage right into this room! But..... I love my washer and dryer! Makes doing my least favorite task a little easier. And I must give kudos to my husband, he sold his snowmobile so we could get these! Thanks babe!

My Closet
Self Portrait

I saw this post on someone elses blog so I wasn't actually tagged but I thought it would be a fun one for everyone to do. And I added a couple of pictures. Anyway, now I'm going to tag, BRECK, KEESHA, RICHELLE, STACIE, GINGER and LINDSEY.


The Sissons said...

Wow! Scrapbooking would be so much more fun with a room like that! How lucky are you?!

Lindsey said...

ha I wish I could accept this tag. but I'm afraid by HUGE house is out the picture of having any favorites posted! ha!

Jalane said...

I added you to my blog i hope you dont mind? Your house is darling and I love your scrapbook room! I wish I had a pink scrapbook room!!

Keesha said...

That is a random tag! Thanks for tagging me... it might take me a while to get around to doing it. I am a little behind in the blogging world!