Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It's A Girly Thing!

Since creating this blog and trying to post as much as possible, it inspires me to notice all the little things that the kids do and say. One morning last week while Courtney was waiting for me to fix her hair she was drawing in one of her notebooks. She was so proud of her little creation and when I she showed it to me I realized that she had written her Kindergarten teachers name, "Mrs. Tyger" and had added little dots on the ends of all the letters. It was so cute! When I asked her where she had learned to do that she said, "Duh mom, from my pencil box!" I didn't know what she was talking about and then remembered that I had written her name on her pencil box and had done the same thing with the letters in her name. She is quite the observant little girl! Court always has to do everything that I do and is constantly attached to my hip! I love that about her! She's my girl and I love being with her from the moment I get home until she goes to bed. Last night she woke up from having a bad dream and as I was laying by her comforting her and she said to me "You are a sweet mom." She must have known that I was having a bad day and that totally turned it around. Sometimes those little tender comments can pick you up and make you feel like you do actually make a difference. I love you so much Courtney!

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