Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Observation Day

Yesterday during Courtney's dance class it was "Oberservation Day" for the parents to come and watch the kids. It was so fun to see her learning her dances and showing off for her dad and I. This is her third year taking dance and looks forward to her weekly lesson. She has a fantastic teacher and you can tell that she cares about each one of them. She also has a lot of patience!!
Trying the splits.
Waiting for dance class to start.
Doing her tap dance.

Stretching for ballet.


Keesha said...

Seeing those pictures makes me even more excited for Kenz to start dancing. She looks like she is quite the little dancer. I am so proud cause we all know she didn't get her dancing skills from her mom. It had to be from her aunt Keesha. JK

DuRee Family said...

cute! I had a lot of fun when I was in dance at that age! You can tell she really likes it!

The Jolleys said...

That is adorable! I loved dance. I even competed for 3 years. I really regret quitting, but I hope to get my daughter into it when I have one. Who is she taking dance from? I hope that she likes it and keeps it up. It is a great outlet for them and teaches them about being an individual as well as working as a team to get everything just right!