Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas Day

Santa made his appearance! And spoiled two deserving kids (well in my opinion). They each got an IPOD, a game and some clothes. Conner's main gift was an electric guitar which he was pretty excited about. Courtney was happy for her "pink IPOD" and "Ponyville". I was surprised that we had to go and wake the kids up this year around 6:30. I don't ever remember my parents waking my sisters and I up EVER!!!! We had no problem waking up long before mom and dad wanted us to! After we saw what Santa had brought we opened up a few presents and then had to be back down to my parents by 7:30. The kids making their way down the hall (half asleep) to see what Santa brought!

Grandma & Grandpa gave all the girls little Cabbage Patch dolls. Which they all loved!
After everyone opened presents we had breakfast, toasted apple cinnamon bread and hot chocolate! YUM! Then my kids went with thier dad for a few hours. We all returned to mom and dad's and played the new Wii. I should have taken some pictures... it was a blast!!!! I love how interactive it is. We were cheering each other on and had a great time! I love the bowling game!! I kicked Clay's bootie! We also had a major snow blizzard Christmas night that dumped over a foot of new snow! I loved it! Other than it made the power flicker several times it made Christmas nice and cozy! And kept me home from work on Friday, a much needed recovery day! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Now on to a New Year!

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