Wednesday, September 17, 2008

2 Year Old Fun!!!

Last night I watched my niece Kenzlie while my sister went to a Young Women activity. I told Keesha to bring her pajamas and I would get her bathed and ready for bed. Kenzlie had to bring her Dora backpack with her pj's, blanket and "Ellie" her stuffed animal elephant. She was so cute, she thought she was going to school with Courtney. She has been saying some of the funniest things lately! She was playing with one of Courtney's dolls and doll stoller and while she was putting the baby in the stroller she kept saying "Gosh, kids!" and then while I was helping Conner with his homework I kept telling him to "focus" and she would repeat me and tell Conner to "focus". What a helper? She cracks me up!!

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Keesha said...

What a cutie ;) She is getting to be pretty entertaining isn't she? Thanks so much for watching her for me.