Friday, September 12, 2008

Back to School and much more!!!

I'm a little behind on this post but I figured better late than never! :) The kids are both in school and we are trying to get back into a routine, doing homework, fixing dinner and trying to get them in bed before 9:00. This can be quite a challenge when it's close to 6:00 before I even get home from work. Conner is now in 5th grade and it will be his last year at Lincoln Elementary which makes me really sad. Next year he will go to middle school and everything will change! Hopefully it won't go too fast! Courtney started kindergarten and was so excited on the first day. She goes all day and gets to eat school lunch and rides the bus home with Conner. So far she loves everything about it, her friends, her teacher and is learning so much already. I was prepared to be emotional on her first day, but she was so happy about going there was no reason to be upset. I was just as excited as she was!! Conner isn't as happy about school as Courtney is but hopefully that will change and school will be more fun for him. He takes such good care of his sister and makes sure he picks her up outside her classroom and gets her on the bus, safe and sound!

Also, a week before school started we had the Johnson Family Reunion. We had such a good time! We took our trailer up and spent the weekend with all of our extended family. We had a delicious pot luck dinner, our traditional raffle, I came up with a trivia game about the family and we played musical chairs which Clay won the first round! We stayed up really late Saturday night around the campfire listening to funny stories from my Uncle Dave. We all laughed and had a wonderful time!!
Conner & Courtney in front of Abe Lincoln!
Courtney and Mrs. Tyger
Conner in Mr. Allen's class.
Uncle Dave and Clay with their prizes for winning musical chairs.
Amanda, my dad and Heather with their prizes as well!!

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Keesha said...

I have been waiting FOREVER for your back to school post. I still can't believe that this is Conner's last year in elementary and that Courts is in Kindergarten (and the size of a 5th grader). Thanks for the post! :)