Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Expecting You!

No, I'm not making an announcement! My sweet friend, Stacie who I'm lucky enough to work with is pregnant with her first baby and she is due April 1st. I wanted to make her my version of a "Pregnancy Journal" where she can record her thoughts and feelings for the next few months. I wish I would have done this myself when I had my babies because each pregnancy was so very different and I would love to be able to look back read about it. I just altered a composition notebook and kept the colors really neutral that way it works whether it's a girl or a boy! Congratulations Stacie, I'm so happy for you! Enjoy this special time in your life!!!


Deb said...

....found your blog when clicking the "next blog" button - great pregnancy book - wish I had made mine as creative!

Lovely family photos. And great basement photos. The pumpkin orange was a bit much -the neutral color is nice!

And your Grandma --what a nice photo. I'm sure you really miss her.

Happy blogging and God bless you!

Mike and Stacie said...

Thanks again! I LOVE it! You are so cute and thoughtful. I can't wait to write all my pregnant memories down.