Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandma

Over the weekend, I realized that today would have been my sweet Grandma's 92nd birthday. She passed away 4 1/2 years ago, but I still think of her often. I have this beautiful picture of her by my computer from her 80th birthday. My mom and my aunt took her for "Glamour Shots" for her birthday and we all got these wonderful pictures! I so treasure the memories that I have of my Grandma. She is the only grandparent that I have memories of. My Grandma Nielsen passed away when I was quite small and I don't remember her at all and both of my Grandpa's passed away before I was born. This makes Grandma Moselle very special to me. She was such a talented lady who created the most amazing embordry work on dish towels and pillow cases, which I am proud to say I have some of. She would grow an amazing garden and had the most beautiful flowers. One year she made winter stocking hats for all of the young great grandchildren and great-great grandchildren. Both of my kids were able to spend time with her and I feel were so lucky to have a living great grandma for a few years. I know that she is always watching over all of her family and is happy to be reunited with her eternal companion Ellis. Family was so very important to her and she loved having them visit. Family get togethers and reunions were something that she always looked forward to. I will always remember my memories of her and hold them very dear to my heart. I love you Grandma, Happy Birthday!!

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