Thursday, September 25, 2008

MC Homecoming Parade

You know it's fall when Homecoming Week rolls around for the local high schools and colleges. Last night was Mountain Crest High School's Homecoming Parade down main street in Hyrum. Courtney and I met Breck, Hadley, Keesha and Kenzlie to watch the parade. It's fun to see all of the different clubs, teams, cheerleaders, the band and all of the crazy high school kids. Wasn't it just yesterday that I was in High School? Ok, so it was gasp.......15 years ago!!! (Yes I actually had to do the math!) Well it seems just like just the other day. I am proud to say I'm a fellow Mountain Crest alumni. Class of 93!! Go Mustangs!! Or is it "Stangs" now? I can't keep up. Speaking of school, Courtney recited the entire Pledge of Allegiance this morning while I was fixing her hair!! Word for word! I am so proud of her. She is learning so much in kindergarten and tells me everyday how much she loves her teacher. She loves having homework to do and actually thinks it's cool!! I'm going to enjoy that right now because I know it's not going to last. (Now if I could get Conner to feel the same way! He couldn't be more opposite!) Anyway, here are some pics from the parade last night....

Hadley, Courtney and Kenzlie
Kenz and Keesh
Hadders and BreckMe and Court

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