Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Official End of Summer

This past weekend we enjoyed our last camping trip. It's always feels like the official end to the summer season when camping is over. Which makes me sad because I always look forward to the much needed getaway. It is so much work to get ready to go and even more work once we are home but the time we get to spend together as a family is very well worth it. We did get rained on a bit on Friday and Saturday night but luckily the rain held out and we were able to venture out on a 4 wheeler ride on Saturday afternoon at Hardware Ranch. We made big yummy breakfasts and a delicious steak dinner Saturday night. And just lounged around as much as possible. I went on a much needed walk by myself and admired the beautiful scenery of Blacksmith Fork Canyon where I was able to think and excersize. The leaves are changing to their magnificent colors, fall is in the air! My favorite of all the seasons, I love the crisp feeling in the air, the smells, the beautiful colors and the cooler weather. I welcome this change of pace. No more watering lawns and the transition into the hustle and bustle of the upcoming holidays. Conner spent a lot of time down by the river making his little version of the "Hoover Dam". He was so proud of his creation that Keesha and Grandpa (aka: "Nielsen Engineering") helped him develop.

Conner and "Hoover Dam"
"Hoover Dam"Hadley, Kenzlie and Courtney playing in the gravel.
Our home away from home.
The fugly sisters! Keesha, Elise and Breck. We are all wearing Brecks sunglasses to cover up our non-makeup wearing faces and lovely camping hair. I don't really like admitting how much Breck and I look alike (and neither does she) but this picture really proves it! We all tip our heads to make fun of Breck because she does this in EVERY picture! Even if we sometimes don't always agree and get along I love both of my sisters very much. They will always be my best friends! My mom will be happy to hear that! :)

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